Wrecords by Monkey Jewellery

I’m always on the look out for jewelry that oozes individuality and ethics, so I was rapt to stumble across these stellar designs from Wrecords By Monkey. What was once beautiful music has now become beautiful jewelry, thanks to Wrecords By Monkey’s use of reclaimed vinyl records in each of their creations. From the Victorian style cameo pendants and earrings to the utterly unique frame and chandelier pendants, I now feel spoilt for choice the next time I need to make an eco jewelry purchase! Wrecords By Monkey – Hand made in Brooklyn.

Jewelry can be purchased online at WrecordsByMonkey’s website
(see direct links below):

George Washington Pendant– $45
Mini Turquoise Pendant – $60
Moon Phases Recycled Record Necklace – $65
Garnet Pendant – $50
Turquoise and Coral Pendants – $21

Visit Wrecords By Monkey

Easy Walnut Face Exfoliant Recipe

Over the weekend I made a wonderful face exfoliant using only two ingredients, walnuts and oat milk. It was so easy and the nutty mixture felt utterly (and nutterly) amazing on the skin.

I would never have thought about using ground walnuts on my face (who does really?) but when I spotted an out-of-date bag of organic walnuts in my kitchen cupboard, I was reluctant to toss it away and waste them. I remembered reading once that ground walnuts could be used to whiten teeth so I thought it was worth googling other beauty recipes that used walnuts. Sure enough, one recipe sprung up and it suggested adding a splash of milk to the ground nuts. I used organic oat milk which made the mixture feel extra soft and creamy on the skin.

To make the mixture, just blend the walnuts in a food processor or blender and store them in a recycled glass jar. You can then scoop out a handful when you need some and add a fresh splash of milk each time. I’m going to keep using this lovely walnut exfoliant twice a week as it cleanses the face gently yet effectively and my skin felt sparkly and taught afterwards. I love how amazing and inexpensive this homemade recipe is. I’ll take it any day over the costly, conventional beauty exfoliants that contain a plethora of harsh ingredients. Viva la walnut!

Six Vegetarian Moroccan Recipes

Pumpkin, Cranberry, Red Onion Tagine
Mary Cadogan – Good Food Magazine
Perfect November dish when pumpkins are still plentiful but perhaps in need of a little exoticism. This is also served with a lemony, almond speckled couscous. Must make this on the weekend!
View recipe at BBC Good Food

This Moroccan soup is brimming with good ingredients such as chickpeas, lentils, lemon and spices like ground ginger and cayenne pepper. Taste also suggest adding pumpkin (for a little autumnal boost).
View recipe at Taste 

Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew with Couscous

Kate Merker, image by Lisa Hubbard
Cauliflower will be well loved when it’s coated in Moroccan spices and tumbled amongst raisins and spinach.
View recipe at Real Simple


Chickpea Tagine with Figs
Image by Ian Wallace
I love the idea of using sweet figs in your dinner. Perhaps you could tweak this recipe too, according to what seasonal vegetables are available near you.
View recipe at Taste

Vegetable Barley Couscous

Recipe by Baija Lafrid, image by Martyn Thompson
Saffron, spices and an abundance of vegetables. Not to mention an introduction to the lesser known barley couscous. You can also make a honeyed red onion confit and fried almonds to go with this.

Roasted Beets with Cumin and Mint
Gourmet magazine, image by Martyn Thompson
What to do with beets? I’d never have thought of adding lemon juice, cumin seeds and fresh mint. Sounds wonderful. A side dish that could steal the spotlight.
View recipe at Epicurious

Vintage Finds in Linen

I came across some lovely linen fabrics over the weekend and was inspired to check out what vintage linens were already out there. I love natural fabrics and I think all these pieces tick the boxes for ethics and style.

I’ve got my eye on the scarf with the cute kitchen illustrations. I think it would look great framed on a kitchen wall.

Vintage Linen Scarf – The Birdi
Orange Sherbet Linen Top – Violet Ville Vintage
Vintage Mustard Blouse – Oma Vintage
Vintage Linen and Straw Bag – Estate Originals

Perri Piper – Lemon Sugar Wax

We have a new website and Etsy store called Perri Piper where we are selling our lovely Lemon Sugar Wax. We are excited for you to try this impressive beauty product that we have been making and using ourselves for three years. Lemon Sugar Wax contains only three ingredients so it is ultra gentle on your skin and the environment.

Every jar is handmade in London by myself and Ali (my mum). We were inspired by ancient beauty practices and apothecarian packaging when making this so the wax is poured into glass jars and includes unbleached cotton strips (reusable) and wood spatulas. The product is so pure that we did not want to use any plastic packaging and microwaves for heating. Our glass jars simply sit in a sink of hot water and several minutes later the wax is soft and ready to use.

If you would like to find out more about the Lemon Sugar Wax, you can read further information at our website, Perri Piper or at our Etsy store.

Five Great Vegetarian Couscous Recipes

Breakfast Couscous (Mixing Bowl Kids)

A big thank you to Jan from the site, Mixing Bowl Kids for sharing this delightful recipe and image. I’d never thought of couscous for breakfast but now I’ve seen the beauty of fresh fruits, nuts and spices tossed, chopped and sprinkled through a bowl of couscous, I can’t wait to try this myself!
View recipe at Mixing Bowl Kids

Spiced Vegetable Couscous
(Olive Magazine)
With carrots, red pepper, chickpeas and fresh coriander and harissa, this couscous is overflowing with healthy goodness.
View recipe at BBC Good Food

Couscous with Spiced Red Sauce, Chickpeas and Almonds

(Martha Stewart)
This tasty dish features a homemade tomato sauce with cumin, almonds and ground black pepper to kick it up a notch.
View recipe at Martha Stewart

Israeli Couscous with Butternut Squash & Preserved Lemon

(Gourmet, image: Melanie Acevedo)
This beautiful and flavorful couscous contains cinnamon, raisins and pine nuts along with the main ingredients. Definitely a dish to master as it will taste great and impress anyone you make it for.
View recipe at Epicurious

Sweet Couscous with Stewed Fruit

(Suzanne Gibbs, photo: Tanya Zouev)
Another sweet and unique twist on couscous. This recipe calls for the lushest of dried and fresh fruits, orange juice and cinnamon.

Eco Fashion Finds for a Sweet Soiree!

Here are a few eco fashion pieces I would love to wear. Thanks for reading, commenting, subscribing or just stopping by!
Best wishes, Tara.

1959 Prom Dress
– Sugar Skull Vintage (Etsy) $190
This is very SJP! Sweetheart neckline, beau(tulle)ful voluminous circle skirt and a pretty, plush blush colour. Also comes with card detailing the girl who wore this to her prom in 1959!

Bring on the ring bling! I couldn’t choose just one, so here are three to choose from or perhaps wear them all at once for a little vintage decadence!

Deco-licious Pearl Vintage Recycled Ring
– Trashy Chic (Etsy) $26.95
Be a pearl girl with this stunning ring made from a vintage pearl earring.

Vintage 1950s Pink Cabochon Stone
– High Desert Rose (Etsy) $25
You don’t see many darling pinky/purple rings out there like this. The intricate silver detail around the egg-like ring makes for a rare and regal ring.

Vintage Gold Sarah Coventry Pearl Flower Ring
– Beatomic Beauty (Etsy) $18.50
A mesmerising vintage flower ring made with white pearls and ‘pink opaque cabochon’.

Signed French Knot Flower Barrette

– Poopisan (Etsy) $20
Continuing with today’s theme of girlie eco finds, here is a sweet flower clip that would instantly prettify any hairstyle.

Fly Away with Me Bridal/Evening Clutch
– Rejenerate (Etsy) $79
Made in Sydney / Upcycled Materials
Every part of this clutch makes me want it much! Okay, my grammar is slipping but I’ll blame it on the beauty of the ‘salvaged white satin and pink polka dot lining’ with vintage bird brooch. Incredible!

Vintage Red Lacquered Fan
Be truly fancy, feminine and flirty with this striking vintage fan. You could stand and flutter this at countless soirees by all means or why not display the fan in your home for a little decorative flair.

Vintage Beaded Shawl

– Best Hand Knit (Etsy) $65
I’ve always adored the bejewelled and beaded shawls and capelets from the ’20s era. This one adds a cascading, waterfall of beads over the shoulders and the peaked back is a work of art in itself.

Vintage Valentino Gold Petal Earrings
These pearl, petal shaped Valentino clip-on earrings are divine with their gold and diamante detailing.

Black Cinnamon Vegan Shoes
Made in Italy / Vegan materials
To complete the frou-frou look, why not try the ‘velvet d’orsay sandal’ with frills framing the heel and toes. The ultimate girlie and glamorous shoe. Also available in bordeaux.

Organic Handkerchiefs & Cosmetic Squares

I get a little giddy when I find super pure, good-for-the-planet products. Can you imagine my giddiness when I spotted these handkerchiefs and cosmetic squares from Hankettes? Not only do they look cute but they’re made from organic cotton, are reusable and made in Canada. What a joyous find for a Wednesday! Okay, small and simple things make me happy but I love that these products help us to live a less disposable lifestyle.

I was actually going to do a post soon about how great coconut oil is for removing mascara and eye make-up but didn’t want to encourage people to use tissues or even organic cotton eye pads because they are wrapped in plastic and then tossed away after one use. Problem solved now! You don’t have to buy expensive make-up remover either, just try applying some organic coconut oil to your eyes (which you can find in glass jars in health food stores) and then wipe mascara away with these nifty cosmetic squares.

Organic Cotton Cosmetic Squares available at Hankettes for $12.04 (Canadian Dollars).

Christmas Green Gift Guide – For Kids

Organic Cotton Baby Bib
The reindeer print is perfect for Christmas but I also love their butterflybib. These are made in Britain by Littlechook.

Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse
Girls need a pretty purse to stash their treasures and this one is perfect. It is made in Britain by Harmony and Rosie, using vintage fabric with two fabulous prints. One side is the ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and the other side is ‘Little Bo Peep.’

Vintage Child’s Toggle Coat

So English and so sweet!

Worry Dolls
Kids can place these dolls under their pillows at night and their worries will be taken away as they sleep. Made fair trade in Guatemala by CreArte.

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins

Get ready for some 1950s style fun! Children and adults will love these.

Sparkly Vintage Dresses

1960s Silver DressOldage (Etsy) $64

A futuristic mini dress Barbarella would love and check out those buttons at the back.

1960s Shift DressAdelaide Homesewn (Etsy) $62

This gold speckled dress is gasp-worthy. It even has pockets at the front!

Vintage Silver Blue Party Dress
I don’t know where I would wear this dress but I do know it would have to be showed off somewhere special. I’m thinking a winter New Year’s Eve party near the Northern Lights in Norway or to the next Narnia film premiere.