Organic Handkerchiefs & Cosmetic Squares

I get a little giddy when I find super pure, good-for-the-planet products. Can you imagine my giddiness when I spotted these handkerchiefs and cosmetic squares from Hankettes? Not only do they look cute but they’re made from organic cotton, are reusable and made in Canada. What a joyous find for a Wednesday! Okay, small and simple things make me happy but I love that these products help us to live a less disposable lifestyle.

I was actually going to do a post soon about how great coconut oil is for removing mascara and eye make-up but didn’t want to encourage people to use tissues or even organic cotton eye pads because they are wrapped in plastic and then tossed away after one use. Problem solved now! You don’t have to buy expensive make-up remover either, just try applying some organic coconut oil to your eyes (which you can find in glass jars in health food stores) and then wipe mascara away with these nifty cosmetic squares.

Organic Cotton Cosmetic Squares available at Hankettes for $12.04 (Canadian Dollars).

Christmas Green Gift Guide – For Kids

Organic Cotton Baby Bib
The reindeer print is perfect for Christmas but I also love their butterflybib. These are made in Britain by Littlechook.

Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse
Girls need a pretty purse to stash their treasures and this one is perfect. It is made in Britain by Harmony and Rosie, using vintage fabric with two fabulous prints. One side is the ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and the other side is ‘Little Bo Peep.’

Vintage Child’s Toggle Coat

So English and so sweet!

Worry Dolls
Kids can place these dolls under their pillows at night and their worries will be taken away as they sleep. Made fair trade in Guatemala by CreArte.

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins

Get ready for some 1950s style fun! Children and adults will love these.

Decorating with Vintage Finds

Vintage Suitcase – Guest Room Supplies
The next time you have people staying, why not try this cute way of storing towels? Fold them into a small vintage suitcase or vanity case and all of a sudden your room will look very ’boutique hotel-ish.’ I also like Country Living’s suggestion of adding some supplies for guests such as dried fruit and herbal tea.

Brass Bucket Sink

Using an old brass bucket as a vegetable sink adds such a rustic and charming touch to the kitchen. I’m on the look out for vintage brass buckets now!

Vintage Mirrors

Stick to using vintage mirrors in the same color and style for an eclectic but sophisticated look.

Shop EtsyVeg

If you love shopping for handmade goodies on Etsy but want to find the best vegetarian and vegan products, you must check out EtsyVeg. Their Marketplace makes it ultra easy to find just what you are looking for. Fashion, beauty, homewares. It’s all there and it’s all animal friendly!

Here are a few lovely things that caught my eye but there is much, much more to check out from the talented and conscientious Etsy sellers who are all vegetarian or vegan. Pop over to the EtsyVeg blog for more information or try searching for pieces labelled, ‘EtsyVeg Team’ the next time you are shopping on Etsy.

Thank you Heather (Etsy shop – Aktie9) for introducing me to the EtsyVeg team and a big thank you to all the EtsyVeg sellers who are making it so fun and easy for us all to shop for vegetarian and vegan products to suit our lifestyles. Keep up the good work!

Vintage Sewing Machine – Arksendeavours ($110)

Organic Cotton Forest Friends Pin Set – Vegan Craftastic ($6)

Upcycled Tire Tube Wallet – Derek Howlett Dot Com ($12)

Vintage Cake Carrier Tin – Mothrasue ($30)

Kitchen Organisation

It’s amazing how organizing your kitchen can make you feel more on top of things. I’ve decanted all dried fruit, nuts, pulses and whole grains into lovely glass jars and what a difference! It’s great having everything on display. I’m now inspired to cook so much more (whether I do or not is another question but at least the culinary inspiration is there!).

P.S – To keep organic nuts, seeds and wholemeal flour as fresh as possible, pop them in the fridge and/or freezer.

Vintage Design Ideas – Bed Headboards

Don’t you think vintage and handmade items are the only way to decorate your home? You just can’t find the same level of beauty and character in generic chain stores. When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you don’t have to settle for boring beds and headboards. Here’s a little design inspiration (for now or for your future, dream home) from Country Living.

Gold Headboard and Canopy

Very French and very much a bedroom I would like to call my own. The canopy is from an old store display and softened with billowy fabric while the hanging collection of ‘vintage pearls, beads, hats and bags’ gives a stylish touch.

Gate Headboard

There’s so many things to love in this bedroom. From the old garden gate headboard to the star speckled walls and suitcase that is a bedside table. They all add a magical, whimsical touch.

Birdhouse Headboard
Adorable! What a clever and cute idea for a kid’s bedroom (that I’m afraid I would be a little envious of). I will be on the lookout for vintage birdhouses now when out shopping or at least someone who could replicate this design using reclaimed wood.

Vintage Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms

As soon as I glimpsed this stunning bedroom, I was ready to jump into the picture and call the room mine. The enchanting style of the bedroom also inspired me to find some vintage items that conveyed a similar pretty, hippy, boho vibe.

Vintage Silk Satin Material
Create the boho-luxe look in your bedroom by draping this ‘unused length of vintage off white silk satin’ over your bed or chair. The pink flowers and green leaves are bedazzled in sequins and beads and make this fabric look super sweet.

Antique Fan Shaped Victorian Brass Letter Holder

This would also look incredible as a jewellery stand. Try draping necklaces and hanging earrings over this gorgeous brass letter holder for an unusual but beautiful way to display your favourite jewellery.

Vintage Victorian Fan Fabric

Such an unusual print that would look divine for any decorative purpose. This 1970s fabric is available in four sample sizes so swoop in quickly.

Vintage Fenton Pink Satin Glass Umbrella
This is bizarre and beautiful and would make the ultimate, too-cute-too-be-true decoration. The Etsy seller suggests using it as a candy dish and for $12, I’m sure you’ll find some use for this ultra pretty piece.

Vintage Striped Silk and Cotton Fabric
The Country Living bedroom appears to have many luxe fabrics draped over the bed and I thought this beautiful red and pink colour combined with the sheen from the satin stripes would create a similar decadent look. Perhaps you could use the fabric for a pillow or to create a lovely throw or blanket?

Vintage Hand Crocheted Lace Collar
There were a few lace throws and tablecloths to be found on Etsy but this delicate lace collar in antique rose really stood out the most to me. Imagine sewing this onto a little dress or top. It would look stunning!

Vintage Chandelier Clip On Earrings
Vintage chandeliers can certainly be found on Etsy, online and offline but to keep prices reasonable today, I thought chandeliers in the form of earrings may be the next best option.

Vintage Large Black Victorian Boot Vase

I’m so smitten with this quirky shoe vase. I was searching for a black vase similar to the one in the Country Living photo and stumbled across this instead. Such a strong, decorative piece like this black shoe vase offsets the pink and feminine style of the bedroom wonderfully.

Vintage Cranberry Glass Vase
Continuing on with the pink theme from the Country Living picture, this impressive, cranberry coloured glass vase would make the perfect partner to a bouquet of fragrant flowers.

Earthborn White Clay Paint
Made in the UK

If your bedroom or house require a lick of paint, try a toxin (VOC) free paint such as this one from Earthborn. For an even greener option you could try Earthborn’s Casein Paint. It comes in powder form and is ‘free of VOCs, acrylics, oils,’ solvents and titanium dioxide. You just need to mix the powder with water and you can also add the Earthborn pigments if you want to get truly colourful. Visit Earthborn Paints for further information.

Eco Kitchen Trinkets

Vintage 1950s Seltzer Bottle – Grasshopper 510 ($80)
You could use these Argentinian seltzer bottles to hold liquid hand soap, moisturizers, oils or homemade dishwashing liquid.

Ice Cream Cone – Virginia Sin

These adorable porcelain cones would make me want to eat ice cream every day! They are sold individually ($18) and are handmade in Brooklyn using a non-toxic and lead free glaze.

Vintage Snail Planter – Hindsvik (Etsy) $45

Maybe you could store your favourite herb in this snail or perhaps a stash of garlic?

Laksha Drinking Glass – Ecocentric – £5.05
Such pretty, embossed glasses! They are made from 100% recycled glass by a small co-operative in Northern India (certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation).

Vintage Teapot Napkin Holders

– Down Vintage Lane (Etsy) $14.95
These have Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter’s Tea Party written all over them!

Vintage Chalkboard – From Gray to Gold (Etsy) $28

Chalkboards always look cute in the kitchen, especially vintage ones. Perfect for jotting down your shopping lists, dinner menu or favorite quotes and affirmations.

It’s a French Thing

Reusable French Lunch Tote
– Paris Chic Boutique
Pack your lunch baguette or vegan macaroons (see end of post for recipe) into one of these cute, reusable lunch bags made in New York with organic cotton.

Vintage Sculptural Black and White Dress

– Avantanthologue
A one-of-a-kind dress in classic black and white.

Black Vintage Evening Gown, Falling Leaves

– Venust
Understated elegance with French touches of lace and trademark all black.
Purchase at Etsy (Venust) $98

Vintage Black Wool Beret

– Dores Vintage
We all need a cute beret during winter to achieve that Sorbonne student look and to disguise bad hair days!

Etsy Seller – La Pomme

I was left enchanted by the inspiring range of goodies made by La Pomme in the south of France. I was particularly taken with the lavender sachets made from vintage bed sheets and filled with organic French lavender. How cute would they look placed in your closet or draw, wafting lavender loveliness among your clothes? I also adore the lavender shoe fresheners. Items are prettily packaged with recycled fabric.

Magnolia Halterneck Bra – Luva Huva
Pretty underwear is essential. This lovely piece is handmade in the UK from end of line fabrics.
Purchase at Luva Huva – £27

Organic Poodle T Shirt

– Monkey C Baby
If I were five again, I would have so wanted to wear this playful, pink poodle top. Made in Arizona with organic cotton and non-toxic azo-free dyes (available in sizes for 2, 4 and 6 year olds).
Purchase at Etsy (Monkey C Baby) $25

Vintage 1950s Jolles Junior Beaded Poodle Purse
– Jackie Haltom
More poodle emblazoned fashion! I think you’re lucky the whole post didn’t feature all things poodle-licious today. I’ve really had to restrain myself by only featuring two pooch pieces.

Raw, Vegan Macaroons – Ani Phyo
France is filled with gorgeous macaroons but here is a much healthier option. The easy part is making the macaroons as only five ingredients are needed and the hard part is deciding which flavor will be your favorite; chocolate, strawberry or pineapple!
View recipe at Ani Phyo

Umbrella Policy

For Some Reason I can’t walk out of the house with a boring umbella. I tried it once, a $5 black one from Walgreens. But it made me self concious. I used to have a Liberty print umbrella for years. It finally disinigrated. Now I have one from H&M. It’s cool, but It may not last the season.

These are ones I would think about getting: Pear Print Umbrella for £38.00. Which should be around $80 nowadays. It’s nice!

Also I found pare*umbrella which has beautiful umbrellas, that look well made…

The lace, lace lace! umbrella… is so girly. It would make me feel as if I was carrying a parasol, waiting for a gentleman to put his cloak over a puddle so my feet dont’ get wet.